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Don’t miss out on this information of motivation. It was only after some pondering that we came up with an idea of writing about motivation. This is indeed an article worth reading. Successful Companies have ideas that make a difference In the same way that engineers look alike, so do compa­nies. They have huge, low plants, large parking lots, carpeted executive suites, sexy receptionists, engineers who need hair­cuts, sales managers who need to diet, and comptrollers who need to smile. The companies aren't the same, however, and the successful ones have ideas that make the difference. To understand the full force of ideas, you have to turn to history, but certainly not ancient history. One day in 1915 one man far down the executive ladder wrote a memo and passed it along to his boss. The man with an idea was the as­sistant traffic manager of the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company. Here is his memo, which I quote in full because it is one of the most astounding documents in business his­tory: I have in mind a plan of development, which would make radio a "household utility" in the same sense as the piano or phonograph. The idea is to bring music into the house by wireless. While this has been tried in the past by wires, it has been a failure because wires do not lend themselves to this scheme. With radio, however, it would seem to be entirely feasible. For example—a radio telephone trans­mitter having a range of say 25 to 50 miles can be in­stalled at a fixed point where instrumental or vocal music or both are produced. The problem of transmitting music has already been solved in principle, and therefore all the receivers attuned to the transmitting wavelength should be capable of receiving such music. The receiver can be designed in the form of a simple "Radio Music Box" and arranged for several different wavelengths, which should be changeable with the throwing of a sin­gle switch or pressing of a single button. Some of the matter found here that is pertaining to motivation seems to be quite obvious. You may be surprised how come you never knew about it before! People always think that they know everything about everything; however, it should be known that no one is perfect in everything. There is never a limit to learning; even learning about motivation. The "Radio Music Box" can be supplied with amplify­ing tubes and a loud-speaking telephone, all of which can be neatly mounted in one box. The box can be placed on a table in the parlor or living room, the switch set accordingly, and the transmitted music received. There should be no difficulty in receiving music perfectly when transmitted within a radius of 25 to 50 miles. Within such a radius there reside hundreds of thousands of families; and as all can simultaneously receive from a single transmitter, there would be no question of obtain­ing sufficiently loud signals to make the performance enjoyable. The power of the transmitter can be made 5 kW if necessary, to cover even a short radius of 25 to go miles; thereby giving extra loud signals in the home if desired. The use of head telephones would be obviated by this method. The development of a small loop antenna to go with each "Radio Music Box" would likewise solve the antennae problem. Now while reading about motivation, don’t you feel that you never knew so much existed about motivation? So much matter you never knew existed. The same principle can be extended to numerous other fields—as for example—receiving lectures at home which can be made perfectly audible; also events of na­tional importance can be simultaneously announced and received. Baseball scores can be transmitted in the air by the use of one set installed at the Polo Grounds. The same would be true of other cities. This proposition would be especially interesting to farmers and others liv­ing in outlying districts removed from cities. By the pur­chase of a "Radio Music Box" they could enjoy concerts, lectures, music, recitals, etc., which may be going on in the nearest city within their radius. While I have indi­cated a few of the most probable fields of usefulness for such a device, yet there are numerous other fields to which the principle can be extended. In connection with this idea I have had in mind for some time the possibility of connecting up the Wireless Age with the plan, thereby making the Wireless Press a profitable venture. What I have in mind is this: Every purchaser of a "Radio Music Box" would be en­couraged to become a subscriber of the Wireless Age, which would announce in its columns an advance monthly schedule of all lectures, music recitals, etc., to be given in the various cities of the country. With this arrangement the owner of the "Radio Music Box" can learn from the columns of the Wireless Age what is go­ing on in the air at any given time and throw the "Radio Music Box" switch to the point (wave length) corre­sponding with the music or lecture desired to be heard. If this plan were carried out, the volume of paid advertising that can be obtained for the Wireless Age on the basis of such proposed increased circulation would in it­self be a profitable venture. In other words, the Wireless Age would perform the same mission as is now being performed by the various motion picture magazines, which enjoy so wide a circulation. The manufacture of the "Radio Music Box" including antenna, in large quantities, would make possible their sale at a moderate figure of perhaps $y$ per outfit. The main revenue to be derived will be from the sale of "Radio Music Boxes" which, if manufactured in quan­tities of one hundred thousand or so, could yield a handsome profit when sold at the price mentioned above. Secondary sources of revenue would be from the sale of transmitters and from increased advertising and circu­lation of the Wireless Age. The Company would have to undertake the arrangements, I am sure, for music recitals, lectures, etc., which arrangements can be satisfactorily worked out. It is not possible to estimate the total amount of business obtainable with this plan until it has been developed and actually tried out, but there are about 15,000,000 families in the United States alone and if only one million or 7% of the total families thought well of the idea, it would, at the figure mentioned, mean a gross business of about $75,000,000, which should yield con­siderable revenue. The title of this composition could be rightly be motivation. This is because what is mentioned here is mostly about motivation. Having a penchant for motivation led us to write all that there has been written on motivation here. Hope you too develop a penchant for motivation! Aside from the profit to be derived from this proposi­tion the possibilities for advertising for the Company are tremendous; for its name would ultimately be brought into the household and wireless would receive national and universal attention. Like most good ideas, it seems obvious—after it has become history. Yet we have to remember that in 1915 there was no broadcasting industry. Telegraphy was used for communica­tion, not entertainment. It was a serious business. The memo was tossed aside with a laugh. Writing is something that has to be enjoyed. And with motivation, we have indeed enjoyed writing all that we know about it. We wish you also enjoyed yourself.

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